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Mustafa Mun

Dr Mustafa Mun is a clinical psychologist from Mumbai, India who has a passion to write and understand human behaviour.

Mustafa has a natural talent with words and has developed writing as a hobby along with managing his family business of manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics and clinical research.


The Optimist

The Optimist focuses primarily on how the human race perceives the whole Covid - 19 pandemic situation.Although the whole situation looks grim and bleak, The Optimist offers hope with a detailed analysis.


Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce, which translates to ‘know thyself’ in Latin, is a collection of poems that came about during a deep ponderation of life and its meaning. The sole purpose of Temet Nosce is an exploration to understand life while taking the reader along the same journey.



Labyrinth, which means a maze/puzzle, is my way of expressing the puzzle of everyone’s life, expressed via short thoughts which will relate to each individual’s puzzle of life. I believe my experiences and thoughts about life will help the readers. I wrote it with the aim of bringing a change in this world. I want to help people understand the true meaning of their existence.

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Kalith : Tiyasa’s Malediction

The aftermath of the Battle of Agnipur has set the sun completely on the lives of The King’s Nine.


Khyati Agrawal’s upcoming book comes as a relief for those bored of western fantasy novels.

- The Asian Age

The perfect book for those who are bored of reading western fantasy fiction books and are searching for a desi fantasy fiction book which will keep them glued.

- Deccan Chronicle

With utmost creativity, she has penned down the story which perfectly blends fantasy and suspense. The characters, incidents, and presentation of the narration make it interesting and relatable.

- DTNext

Pick for this week.

- Telangana Today

Khyati, the author of ‘Kalith’ wants her story to live in the hearts of the readers forever.

- Aditi Bose, lovewordie.com

The novel does an excellent job when it comes to its characters. Each one of them is given time to shine and leave a mark on the readers.

- Imagine India Project

With this book, the author has really marked her entry into the literary world and proved the capability of creating a wonderfully crafted world of myths and fantasies.

- Illumination, eraofillumination.wordpress.com


Mindful Wealth

Mindful Wealth aims for a shift in our thinking. It talks about the subject of how we should perceive money, how we need to talk about it to attract more of it in our lives and how to live with gratitude so we are blessed with more than what we already have.


Carving Unreality

Struggling with life, Louise and Cole decide to change something, only they have no idea where to start until Jack, a close friend of Sarah’s nephew, receives a VR headset. This gives Cole a new idea about virtual reality, something Louise isn’t certain about. Yet, even with these doubts, she works with him, starting off by learning how to code, a decision she never once thought she might make.

Coding, for her, is simple. Louise finds herself capable of things she never imagined were possible, while Cole works to build a new kind of headset; his setbacks causing arguments, their relationship more complicated than it had ever been before. Will the idea they believed would make their life better come between them? Does Cole manage to create the headset he envisions with the skills he has? Will Louise’s newfound skills lead to more problems, as the two of them work to create a business together?


Peter's Best Birthday Ever

Children love their parents, but do their parents love them?

How much time do you spend with your children?

Those are just a few questions for super-busy parents.

Princess Zahra and her best friend and assistant Dragon have a particular case to solve in this book. Tomorrow is little Peter's birthday but he is feeling very lonely and sad.

Open the book and see if you can recognize someone from this book.

Is a family also important to you?


Black Is My Favourite Colour

What is your favorite colour?

What is your complexion and how do you behave with kids that have different skin colours?

In this very adventurous book, you are going to meet a black boy named Jack. He is pretty desperate as some white boys are making fun out of him. Fortunately, he has got a magic watch connected with Princess Zahra. So, Princess Zahra, together with her clumsy assistant, Dragon, helps him with all her heart.

What is your experience?

Please write to me your thoughts on mustafa@hertzperfumes.com


The Princess and the Flying Octopus

Have you ever met a princess?

Have you ever seen a Flying Octopus?

Do you wonder how those two beings can go together?

Well, take a look at this magical book. You will meet Princess Zahra, and soon, you will find her superpower. With her superpower, she will find a solution to calm down her evil neighbour, Flying Octopus.

You will see that even bad persons always have something nice in themselves. We just have to reach that point in them.

Enjoy this adventurous and magical book!

If you would like Princess Zahra to be your best friend, write to me- mustafa@hertzperfumes.com


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